Panasonic Design Kyoto

VI Design of Panasonic Design Kyoto (Panasonic Corporation’s new design headquarters)

The Logo -
As the function of this hub location was not only to design Panasonic products, but also to create life and lifestyle design for the future, we created a logo consisting of simple lines, but when viewed from a specific location at a specific time, letters “p” and “d” emerge.
We chose "the line" as the key motif for the design, as it is the minimum element of 2-dimensional design. The letters “p” and “d” appear just as each of the lines transform into planes.

SDA Award 2018 Silver Prize
HKDA GDA2018 nominate
Japan Typography Award 2019
Signage -
Similar to the logo, pictograms were expressed using modulations in line thickness. Pictograms appear depending on the viewer’s angle.