Every problem has its core

Our design process begins by listening to you. We want to hear about your problems and ideas, in order to gain an understanding of how we can solve issues and realise your visions. Thoughts can be difficult to convey, but a conversation between us will establish the core of the problem and the goals of our project together. We seek to capture the essence of an organisation, product, and service by maintaining a strong collaboration throughout the project and understanding who we are working with. Only then can we properly express their values in the end product. The outcome may be web design, graphic design, or something new entirely. We do not limit the potential of a project, and are not bound by fixed concepts. Our approach leads to your business ideas being realised in an organic and inspired way.

Building a brand together

A company's brand is its face to the world. The design choices a company makes has a strong impact on how it's percieved by potential and existing customers and users. We approach our designs and branding with asking businesses to think about who they want to "be". The answer to this question informs our work to capture the spirit and personality of a company in its simplest form. Nurturing ideas together is important to us, and we will work from conception to end-product with a company's values and our joint discussions in mind. We connect a company's vision to the wider public by creating designs that are easy and accessible for all to understand. The relationship between designer and client is fundamental, and we want to create a space where no question is too trivial, and no idea too ambitious.

We balance creativity and technology between desing and web programming.

Website design doesnt just entail creative decisions. The neccessary skills and technology are vital, and our in-house programmers have experience in creating websites from scratch. Our dedicated programmers work in tandem with creative and graphic designers, resulting in a product with the perfect balance of aesthetically pleasing visuals and functional usability. One of the many benefits of the presence of programmers in the company is that production happens at a quicker pace, and costs are lower. It also means that you have more freedom to develop the project to suit your changing ideas, as everyone involved is working as one team.

Individuality is integral in a global market

As design styles become more and more globalised, you may find similar aesthetics across many different websites from a variety of company types and countries. Instead of simply conforming to an established trend, or following a style used by other companies, we believe in design that reflects the ideas and needs of a specific company. We create work rooted in these ideas, whilst straying from the expected and predictable. Good design should transcend language and nationality, in order to communicate with the world. Econosys Design consists of designers who are from or who have studied all over the world. The diversity in each member's background and interests results in a variety of perspectives and creative ideas when working, and makes us adaptable to work with anyone's vision.


Searching, Finding, and Amending: Our Services

We solve problems in a variety of ways, and are always open to creating new methods of designing. We realise our client's visions through web design, graphic design, concept design, among others.


Before designing, we first ask you to tell us about your company and its services, and together we work out exactly what you want to say and to whom. We then consider what we want to be in the future, and what changes need to be made to achieve this. A strong vision for the future streamlines the design process and helps maintain a flexibility that allows the designs to develop and grow with your company.
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CI VI Design

After we discuss and understand the direction of the brand, the next phase is to create a design tone. This is called Visual Identity (VI) or Corporate Identity (CI), and is a type of guide for visually expressing a company's unique personality and services. Similar to how we create an image of ourselves through clothing, or our homes through interior design, our approach to VI design embodies the ethos of a company or client. This could be bold, eye-catching graphics, or it could be gentle and subtle text. We always strive to propose a design that best expresses the identity and brand of a company.
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Graphic Design

At the heart of our graphic design approach is the aim to convey the values of your brand. We create work that is informed by rules and structures, so that every single design choice is made for a good reason. Our graphic design work does not try to redefine a company, but instead captures the essence of it, in an effective way. A wide range of mediums are used in our graphic design such as typography, photography, and illustrations, tailored to the values and goals of the client.
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Web Design

Websites have a number of objectives, and can only be optimally accessible after careful design. We consider who will be viewing the websites we create, emphasising the ease of use and navigation of a website during our design process. As well as being straightforward to use, a website must also reflect and serve the company it belongs to. We create websites for a variety of organisations, from corporatre to creative, always striking a balance between aesthetic beauty and funcionality.
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Package Design

Similar to digital graphics and websites, we believe that packaging must also be carefully designed to be beautiful and user-friendly. However, it is important that the aesthetics of packaging design are balanced by practicality, cost, durability and environmental impact. It is important to us when creating packaging that the look, feel and functionality of the designs create a lasting impression. The added challenges and consequences of creating something physical are important elements to us, and we will ensure that they are balanced to create something of value for your brand.
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Signage Design

Signs need to be simple and stand out visually amongst the busy urban landscape. To achieve simplicity and effectiveness, it is important for us to imagine and foresee the user's point of view during our design process. Another physical type of design, signage must add something to an already established space, whilst taking into account the existing architecture, and possible intentions of its designers. The reality of how an object is manufactured is also important to consider during the design of signage. Having licensed architects and product designers on our team enables us to follow up the design process with actual building, collaborating with manufacturers with ease.
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