MON Gallery and Wine Bar has Opened

We have created a space called MON, located on Kuro-mon Street in the Kyoto Sanjo area, where residential Kyoto life flows gently.

It is hard to tell what MON is in so few words. MON contains a gallery where you can find various objects, from artworks to products, and a wine bar where you will be served natural wine selected from around the world. The building itself is a heavy concrete building with a long structure that may seem unusual.

MON is a space full of encounters, not just between artists and products but also between people who visit us. We will like to invite you to reach for the things you don’t know and to reimagine the things you do.
The space is a junction point to share, discuss, and exchange values of our own.

MON in Japanese means gate or archway.
We hope that MON will become a stop for many of us on our way to and from.