A new cafe opening nearby our work! 來自台灣的咖啡廳在京都四条新開幕

There is a new cafe from Taiwan opening soon around Shijo Karasuma in Kyoto, which is super close to our work that makes us very excited! We already went scope out during the work break and tasted the different kinds of their delicious coffee. Goodman Roaster is run by a couple originally from Tokyo and they moved to Taipei, Taiwan a few years ago and set up their business there.

The main coffee beans they use are Alisan Coffee 阿里山咖啡豆, which the area is around the center of Taiwan in the mountain called Alisan. The specialty of Alisan coffee beans is also the reason that attracted the owners to Taiwan.

After visiting the cafe yesterday I did a bit of research online about it and found out actually that was not very easy for them to start it. Just purely by the passion for coffee and never gave up. I am not a coffee expert but I am quite touched that someone appreciates something from Taiwan a lot that where my homeland is.

It is quite a small coincidence that my coworkers shared this information with me and it happened to be right by our work. Thanks to Goodman Roaster for letting me know one more thing about my homeland and hope I would have more chances to speak more Mandarin with their little kid!

If anyone happens to get to read this piece by any chance, and happens to be in Kyoto, please go check it out. Especially if you are a coffee lover. Sorry if it looks like an advertorial piece. It is just an appreciation from me to share the feeling.

前陣子從同事那聽來,在公司附近有間台灣來的咖啡廳要開幕了。雖然尚未正式開幕(11/22)但這幾天試營運期間我們昨天利用休息時間,跑過去瞧了一下。或許住台北的人已經聽過 Goodman Roaster 這名字,目前位於天母有兩間店舖,而經營者則是一對來自東京的夫婦,幾年前他們從日本搬至台灣,定居並開始了咖啡事業。



或許是一點點的小巧合,這間來自台北的咖啡廳正巧座落在我京都的工作附近(超近),謝謝 Goodman Roaster 讓我多知道家鄉一件美好的事物,也希望我還有機會可以和他們的小朋友多講講中文聊聊天。