RYSE, Autograph Collection/ ライズオートグラフコレクション

English Below↓

弊社では、ホテル舞洲ロッジ、yoin hotelを始めとして、




今注目されるデザイナーズホテル、RYSE, Autograph Collection/ ライズオートグラフコレクション。


クリエイティブな雰囲気に溢れたこちらのホテル、部屋の分け方がスタンダードやスイートといった名前でなく、「クリエイター/エディター /ディレクター」という名前に分けられているところも面白い。




HP : https://rysehotel.com/

We've been getting more branding projects for hotel past few years.

The reason behind it is that because of our location.
Although past few months, Kyoto has been so quiet regarding to COVID-19.
There are so many people including our clients and friends are facing to the fact that we have been relying on tourists from oversea.
We are really hoping that those business (especially good ones) will survive this tough time.

We are not sure when we can start to travel again, though traveling is our favorite thing to do, so today we would show our latest short trip in Korea.

Just before COVID-19 becoming a huge problem, we were lucky enough to visit RYSE, Autograph Collection in Hongik.
Hongik is an area that a lots of street and art culture happening in Korea, also famous for night clubbing.

I really liked the idea of naming for rooms "Creater / Editor / Director".
The room we have stayed was "Creator" which is smaller than other rooms but well designed.
Texture of each furniture and the color match perfectly.

We LOVE the face mask in our room!

Written by Miz